Classic Bag, Black

Proper, modern backpack by Szczypta

Material:50% Cotton 50% Polyester


Colour: Black

 The bag’s made from very elegant italian textiles, waterproof from the inside and can be closed with a metal ZIP lock. Can be worn to work as it can hold our belongings. The bag is lined on the inside along with a poczet that is closed using a ZIP. Take care of your Comfort. Bag designanted for lovers of Eco-style, who are for protecting the environment. Product is manufactured In Szczypta with the utmost care and attention to detail. This bage guarantees Comfort while wearing it along with fitting In with current fashion trends. The minimalistic design Allows for the bag to go with etery outfit and gives it a lightly funny form.

Bag is very practical and compact. The inside pocket Allows you to fit In your personal belongings.

The unconventional recipe for using  a Szczypta backpack. Strap the bag to your back pull on the Strings with pride and overflow with happiness Mixed with Comfort and style. The backpack ideally matches the city style but also fits great into the outdoors. It likes to roam. Perfect companion for riding a bicycle Or scooter. With a note of Freedom and SZCZYPTA (pinch) of design. 

Classic Bag, Black